Author: Julia Weber

The Fat Electron

The muon, or as it is sometimes referred to, “the fat electron” is one of the most boring and predictable particles in our universe. It acts somewhat like a magnet, in that it has two poles and it has a field around it. The standard model is the current way that scientists understand our universe

The Capitol Attack of April 1

On April 1, a blue car slammed into two police officers protecting the Capitol, killing one and injuring the other. Though this may seem like a cruel April Fools prank, unfortunately, it is all too real, and it displays the major security flaws of our Capitol and other government buildings. Security has been relaxed since the January 6 insurrection, and life there has stopped being governed by the fear of another attack.

Vaccines in Children under 16

There has been a lot of hype over the vaccination campaign in America. So far, we have vaccinated a third of our population over sixteen years, with many more to follow. Joe Biden began his presidency by promising 100 million shots given in 100 days. He achieved this goal only 58 days after taking office.

Nuclear Energy

When you picture forms of alternative energy, you probably automatically imagine solar panels or wind turbines to be the best forms of renewable energy. Most people tend to steer away from thinking of nuclear energy as a reliable form of green energy.

NASA’s Perseverance Rover

On Thursday, the 18th of March, at 2:55 PM Central, NASA successfully landed the fifth ever rover on Mars. Its name is Perseverance. The rover was launched last July, and has since traveled around 300 million miles, and just last Thursday, it successfully landed, sending this photo to Earth just a few minutes later.  The

Crosstown Returns In-Person!

If you are a Crosstown High student, parent, or teacher, you’ve probably already heard about Crosstown’s decision to bring students back in person on March 22. The school intends to bring back only 25% of its students, meaning that there should be less risk. Ninth graders will attend class two days per week, while Tenth

Marjorie Taylor Greene

In the past few weeks, the name Marjorie Taylor Greene has become increasingly infamous among most people who follow politics. Greene is a Republican House representative from Georgia’s fourteenth district. She was elected in this last election, but her win was overshadowed by Joe Biden’s win. Nobody paid her any attention until the capital riot,

COVID-19 Variants in the US

There has been a lot of news and stress lately about the new COVID-19 variants. I am here to clear things up with a lot of research and some insight. Let’s start with the way that viruses mutate. As we all know by now, viruses multiply by infecting healthy cells, inserting their DNA, which causes

How do Pandemic Films Compare to Real Life?

Pandemic and Epidemic films have been around as long as movies themselves. Humans are drawn to seeing suffering, and they make for great horror movies. The question I now have in mind is “How do pandemic movies compare to what actually happens during a pandemic?” To draw comparisons, I watched the 2011 film, “Contagion”. The

Understanding Trump’s Second Impeachment

On Wednesday, July 13, Donald Trump made history. Unfortunately, he made history for being the first ever president to be impeached twice. The reason for his impeachment this time was for “inciting a violent insurrection against the US.” On Wednesday, January 6, a mob of his supporters flooded the capital, killing many people, and threatening the life of Vice President, Mike Pence.

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