Author: Samuel McElroy

My Thoughts on the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy

It’s been two years since “The Rise of Skywalker” hit theaters worldwide, and provided a disappointing end to an already disappointing trilogy. I, like many fans, hoped that the sequel trilogy would be able to redeem itself after the release of “The Last Jedi”, but in the end we were given a movie that was

Spiderman: Miles Morales

In recent years, Miles Morales has begun to take the spotlight as one of the more popular spider men due to movies such as Spider Man: Into the Spider-verse, the animated spiderman series, and comic books such as Spider man: Miles Morales. With the rising popularity of Miles he was bound to get his own

Enola Holmes Review

    The movie’s story is very entertaining, but confusing. I found myself confused about certain scenes and what was happening. This does not mean the story in itself was confusing, only two or three scenes. Other than that, I found myself interested and intrigued with where the story was taking itself, and loved the many