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My Thoughts on the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy

It’s been two years since “The Rise of Skywalker” hit theaters worldwide, and provided a disappointing end to an already disappointing trilogy. I, like many fans, hoped that the sequel trilogy would be able to redeem itself after the release of “The Last Jedi”, but in the end we were given a movie that was

Why Laurie and Jo are Soulmates, From “Little Women”

Now, if you are not familiar with Little Women, let’s take a seat. Little Women is a coming of age novel, with four movie adaptations. The storyline takes place during the civil war era, in which four sisters, each with highly different personalities, learn about love and life. The main characters of the story are

Movie Recommendations

Picture this: It’s a rainy afternoon, you just slurped down a bowl of hot soup, and you’re feeling particularly lazy, so you watch a movie. But here’s the problem, what movie do you watch? The best thing about movies is that there are various choices for you to disconnect yourself from reality for 2-3 hours;

How do Pandemic Films Compare to Real Life?

Pandemic and Epidemic films have been around as long as movies themselves. Humans are drawn to seeing suffering, and they make for great horror movies. The question I now have in mind is “How do pandemic movies compare to what actually happens during a pandemic?” To draw comparisons, I watched the 2011 film, “Contagion”. The

Clouds Review

This week I watched the new Disney movie Clouds, about a boy diagnosed with terminal cancer who decides to write an album with his best friend. Now, I could go on about how sweet, and heartwarming it was, how great it was that Disney is tackling some heavier topics, or the songs themselves, which are

Enola Holmes Review

    The movie’s story is very entertaining, but confusing. I found myself confused about certain scenes and what was happening. This does not mean the story in itself was confusing, only two or three scenes. Other than that, I found myself interested and intrigued with where the story was taking itself, and loved the many