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Enola Holmes Review

    The movie’s story is very entertaining, but confusing. I found myself confused about certain scenes and what was happening. This does not mean the story in itself was confusing, only two or three scenes. Other than that, I found myself interested and intrigued with where the story was taking itself, and loved the many

Troubled Blood Review

J.K. Rowling’s new book, Troubled Blood, sparked much controversy in the transgender community. Having never read the book, I can’t speak on how it’s written or the content in it, but I can speak on its premise. According to the Washington Post “…Rowling has created a creepy serial killer who dresses in women’s clothes to

The Great Photography Debate: Film vs Digital

There has been an ongoing debate amongst photographers since the invention of digital photography. Digital photography was first developed in the 1950s, when a researcher by the name of Russell Kirsch took a photo of his baby son via his computer. After that, the art of digital photography grew into what it is today. Though

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