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Student Government Elections 2021

After a week of posters, announcements, and discrete pieces of candy being handed out for the promise of a vote. the Student Council Elections, or SGA elections, are finished. The final positions are as follows: President: Asher Crouch Co-Vice Presidents: Sofia Gutierrez and Safa Majeed Freshmen Reps: Carolina Calvo and Cassidy Watson Sophomore Reps: Maggie


We all know that feeling when we push off an assignment until the last minute, whether it be because we work better under pressure or we constantly choose other things that will offer us immediate satisfaction rather than the satisfaction of completing an assignment. We convince ourselves that we will have time tomorrow or we

The F-Word: Feminism

When you google Feminism, the definition provided is, “the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes.” But if you were to ask people how they define feminism, you would get a variety of responses due to the controversiality of the word and how the meaning has been perceived and

Crosstown Returns In-Person!

If you are a Crosstown High student, parent, or teacher, you’ve probably already heard about Crosstown’s decision to bring students back in person on March 22. The school intends to bring back only 25% of its students, meaning that there should be less risk. Ninth graders will attend class two days per week, while Tenth

SGA x DEI Town Hall

Crosstown High’s Student government association will be collaborating with Crosstown’s DEI team in hosting a school-wide virtual town hall. This town hall will be targeting student motivation, in efforts to troubleshoot the issues of why students feel unmotivated during school, and how we can create solutions to their problems. If you are not aware of

Testing Season

Many of us went to crosstown for the chance to break away from the traditional “one-size-fits-all” model of education, and enjoy the opportunity of a personalized and collaborative learning style. While we all appreciate our experiences with learning streamlined standards alongside valuable personable skills through projects, we cannot forget that the world around us has

How Much Do Our Teachers Truly Remember From High School?

Almost everyone has had some form of general education at some point in their lives. As a kid, school is a fun activity that allows you to socialize with other students your age. However, as your education progresses, it becomes less of a fun treat, and more of a chore that must be done. At some point, you may have wondered if what you’re doing will really help you in the “real world”. Fortunately for you, we have the answers right here.

The Pink Tax

Are you a woman or identify as one? Do you buy products marketed towards women rather than men, like toiletries, clothes, and accessories? Are you aware of the significant price difference in “men’s” and “women’s” products? This price difference is known as the Pink Tax, and just like the name suggests, it refers to the

Sloth vs. Harpy Eagle

Since time immemorial, there has been a conflict existing between predator and prey. Never before, however, have we seen two contestants within this gladiatorial ring so widely respected and adored by animal lovers. So, what is better, the serene turtle-like mammalian; or the avian brute of the Amazon? The serene turtle-like mammalian also known as

Why Schools Should Be the First Thing to Reopen

    During these unprecedented times, we have all gotten used to rolling out of bed ten minutes before our first class starts. We enjoy turning our cameras off and doing zoom calls from the comfort of our own bed. With these habits, it is almost unnecessary to state that we clearly aren’t learning as much

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