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Student Government Elections 2021

After a week of posters, announcements, and discrete pieces of candy being handed out for the promise of a vote. the Student Council Elections, or SGA elections, are finished. The final positions are as follows: President: Asher Crouch Co-Vice Presidents: Sofia Gutierrez and Safa Majeed Freshmen Reps: Carolina Calvo and Cassidy Watson Sophomore Reps: Maggie

SGA x DEI Town Hall

Crosstown High’s Student government association will be collaborating with Crosstown’s DEI team in hosting a school-wide virtual town hall. This town hall will be targeting student motivation, in efforts to troubleshoot the issues of why students feel unmotivated during school, and how we can create solutions to their problems. If you are not aware of

Students Demand Action

Students Demand Action is a club within Crosstown High that fights against gun violence in Memphis, and throughout the United States. Students Demand Action, or SDA, advocates for the enactment of legislation that will prevent gun violence, practicing responsible gun ownership, and discusses issues like sucide, school shootings, the effects of irresponsible gun-ownership, mass shootings,


What are “The Crosstown Chronicles”?

Who is in the newspaper? For now, our newspaper team consists of eleven extremely talented students and one great teacher..  Our sponsor, Robert Bear, who also runs the podcasting class, is thrilled to help us run it. We plan to have many guest writing opportunities for teachers and students alike. Our club is by no

What’s Happening in SGA?

We have just currently held our third annual Crosstown High SGA elections for the school year of 20-21. From the very first years at Crosstown, we as students knew we wanted our voices to be heard and to have a say in our education. This goal has been the primary purpose and function of the