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A Brief History of Holloween

In Pagan practices, Samhain was the time when the circle of the year had come to its final spoke in the wheel. The harvest had finished, the goddess had descended to the underworld to be with her beloved. Pagans in the world above would prepare for the veil separating the living and the dead to

The Year of the Ox

Lunar New Year, Chinese Chunjie, Vietnamese Tet, Korean Solnal, Tibetan Losar, also called Spring Festival, festivals typically celebrated in China and other Asian countries that begin with the first new moon of the lunar calendar and end on the first full moon of the lunar calendar, 15 days later. The lunar calendar is based on

The Super Bowl

  In case you didn’t watch the Super Bowl this year or don’t follow football but want to know what happened here is a brief explanation.   The Super Bowl this year was between the defending champion Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Quarterback back matchup promised to be one for the ages

Welcoming the New Year

2020 was a year no one expected and has left all at a loss for words to describe the shambles of events that have unfolded. We have all laid witness to a global pandemic, a national racial equality movement, and a heated presidential election, all of which has left America split into two. Finally, the

Thanksgiving 2020

    What are your plans this Thanksgiving? While it may seem tempting to forget about the coronavirus and see your extended family, if everyone were to do that, we would see a humongous spike in cases nationwide. When you imagine Thanksgiving, you probably think of an enormous turkey with enough side dishes to feed your

Halloween 2020

Spooky season is officially here and October 31st is right around the corner. The one night a year we could all dress up as the spookiest, cutest, or most unique character we can find on the internet and go out trick or treating while we still (kinda) can, drop in at a friends Halloween party,