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The Pink Tax

Are you a woman or identify as one? Do you buy products marketed towards women rather than men, like toiletries, clothes, and accessories? Are you aware of the significant price difference in “men’s” and “women’s” products? This price difference is known as the Pink Tax, and just like the name suggests, it refers to the

Halloween 2020

Spooky season is officially here and October 31st is right around the corner. The one night a year we could all dress up as the spookiest, cutest, or most unique character we can find on the internet and go out trick or treating while we still (kinda) can, drop in at a friends Halloween party,

What’s Happening in SGA?

We have just currently held our third annual Crosstown High SGA elections for the school year of 20-21. From the very first years at Crosstown, we as students knew we wanted our voices to be heard and to have a say in our education. This goal has been the primary purpose and function of the

What is Mail-In Voting?

Mail-In voting is when one requests an absentee ballot rather than going to the polls and voting in person. In Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Utah, and Washington, mail-in ballots are the standard and have been used almost exclusively even before the pandemic began. For example, in Colorado, twenty to thirty days before the election, the state