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Coach Swan on Surviving Breast Cancer

When Coach Swan was diagnosed with Stage II Breast Cancer in July of 2017, her life turned upside down. She had to undergo vigorous chemotherapy and multiple surgeries over the course of her cancer, but she survived. I had the pleasure of interviewing her, and she said the hardest part of having cancer (other than


We all know that feeling when we push off an assignment until the last minute, whether it be because we work better under pressure or we constantly choose other things that will offer us immediate satisfaction rather than the satisfaction of completing an assignment. We convince ourselves that we will have time tomorrow or we

Vaccines in Children under 16

There has been a lot of hype over the vaccination campaign in America. So far, we have vaccinated a third of our population over sixteen years, with many more to follow. Joe Biden began his presidency by promising 100 million shots given in 100 days. He achieved this goal only 58 days after taking office.

Stimulus Bill Breakdown

On Saturday Morning the most recent stimulus bill in Congress has just passed the House of Representatives by a vote of 219-212. This was a relatively tight vote winning by only 7 votes, but it is expected to get even tighter in the senate.

COVID-19 in Europe

While the US has been struggling with COVID-19, Europe has been doing relatively well. However, this week several European countries have tightened restrictions on gatherings and closed bars and restaurants. This is due to the increase of COVID cases and the feared second wave of COVID that will inevitably hit Europe. Among these countries the

Breast Cancer Awareness

Every year, during the month of October, we see a substantial amount of information about breast cancer, due to the fact that October is the official Breast Cancer Awareness Month. During this time, many of us sympathize with breast cancer patients and survivors and their struggle to overcome a disease that has a lifetime risk

Back to School?

    Everyone wants to go back to school, right? But, here’s the thing, school will not be like you imagined it, talking to friends in the hallways, having lunch together. Maybe eventually, but it definitely won’t be all at once. Most likely, we will be only coming to school every other day, or possibly less.