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A Rise in Cricket?

Cricket is one of the most played sports in the world. The sport is played in 125 countries across the world with the biggest support in India, Australia, and the UK however, it is relatively unknown here in the US. The basis of the game is to score runs by batting, similar to baseball in

Why the Memphis Grizzlies 5 game streak is such a big deal

In their last 5 games the Memphis Grizzlies have not lost. They also have not trailed in any of those games. They also destroyed the Oklahoma City Thunder by 73 points, a margin so great that it would be called bullying at a lower level of basketball. That is a record, in fact all of

Why I Love College Football

College football is so much fun I love the fans, the passion, the stadiums, the traditions, the drama, and watching my beloved Mississippi State Bulldogs. And even though State has struggled this season has almost been perfect. In one of the final four year of the current four team playoff there has been drama, incredible

XTH Girls’ Soccer Season of Accomplishment

The girl’s soccer team took on two tournaments, two qualifiers, and a state championship in Chattanooga throughout their season. They won both tournaments and both qualifiers against local teams. Although they may have lost the soccer tournament bracket, their wins are still major in Crosstown High’s athletics record, especially considering they won an NCAA title

What is the College Football Alliance?

On August 24, 2021, three men who represent three of the four biggest college sporting conferences came together and announced that they are forming an alliance. Those men were Jim Phillips from the ACC, George Kliavkoff from the PAC-12, and Kevin Warren from the BIG 10. They were there to announce a “historic” alliance between

How Pete Pranica became the voice of the Memphis Grizzlies

Pete Pranica spent his high school spinning records and calling basketball and football games on his high school’s ten-watt radio station and today he is courtside with Brevin Knight calling games for the Memphis Grizzlies. I was fortunate enough to get to interview him about his story.  Pete Pranica started his announcing career at Premontre

The Super Bowl

  In case you didn’t watch the Super Bowl this year or don’t follow football but want to know what happened here is a brief explanation.   The Super Bowl this year was between the defending champion Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Quarterback back matchup promised to be one for the ages

2020 NFL Season

The NFL regular season finished this past week, making it the first American sports league to complete a full length season in the era of COVID-19. There were many times that the league looked unable to function because of rescheduled games and outbreaks among teams. However, 17 weeks of football were played and the playoff

Emily Harrington’s Record Setting Ascent of El Capitan

El Capitan is a three thousand foot tall, nearly vertical slab of granite. It draws thousands of climbers there every year in attempts to scale it. Each year, over a hundred climbing related accidents happen in the Yosemite area. El Capitan was once deemed an impossible mountain to climb, but has since been scaled by

The World Series

Apparently, the third time’s the charm, at least in the case of the Dodgers this week when they won the world series against the Rays. This is the third year in which the Dodgers have made it to the world series, and this year they finally pulled out a win. It has also been three

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