What is the College Football Alliance?

How Pete Pranica became the voice of the Memphis Grizzlies

The Fat Electron


Testing Season

Many of us went to crosstown for the chance to break away from the traditional “one-size-fits-all” model of education, and enjoy the opportunity of a personalized and collaborative learning style. While we all appreciate our experiences with learning streamlined standards alongside valuable personable skills through projects, we cannot forget that the world around us has

Solar Energy

Alternative energy refers to forms of energy that are not fossil fuels. The appeal of these forms of energy is that they are said to be more sustainable for the environment and help prevent climate change. In a series of articles, I will seek to find the best and most sustainable forms of alternative energy.

Deviled Egg: Fiction

He would not have been my first choice for a gecko. His skin was brown
and spotty, and his tail was crooked, like it had been broken and
never properly mended. When I first caught Deviled Egg, he was a
little thing. I had been trying for days, my heart set on having a

Personality Tests and Why the Myers Briggs is Misleading

The Myers Briggs test was created by psychologist Carl Jung in the 1920s. Initially, the test was designed to fit everyone into eight different personality types, like thinker, feeler, intuitive, and observant. In 1921, Jung published his work as a paper called “Psychology of the Unconscious.” In 1943, mystery writer Isabel Briggs-Myers and her mother

Cat People vs. Dog People

Do people that prefer cats have different personality traits than people that prefer dogs? Can someone predict your personality based on your pet preferences? Some people view believing in these types of personality predictions similar or equivalent to believing in astrology signs. How the placement of constellations on the day you were born somehow impacts/predicts

2020 NFL Season

The NFL regular season finished this past week, making it the first American sports league to complete a full length season in the era of COVID-19. There were many times that the league looked unable to function because of rescheduled games and outbreaks among teams. However, 17 weeks of football were played and the playoff

1970 to Today: Computers From Then and Now

1970 is a radically different time period than today. If you’re like me, your parents were born around then, and if you’re a teacher, it’s probably close to the time you were born. The seventies were famous for their disco music and bell bottom pants, but it was a rocky time for technology. Sure they

Welcoming the New Year

2020 was a year no one expected and has left all at a loss for words to describe the shambles of events that have unfolded. We have all laid witness to a global pandemic, a national racial equality movement, and a heated presidential election, all of which has left America split into two. Finally, the

Spiderman: Miles Morales

In recent years, Miles Morales has begun to take the spotlight as one of the more popular spider men due to movies such as Spider Man: Into the Spider-verse, the animated spiderman series, and comic books such as Spider man: Miles Morales. With the rising popularity of Miles he was bound to get his own

The Queen’s Gambit: a Review

“The Queen’s Gambit,” on Netflix, has been in the top ten most watched movies and TV shows in the US every day since it came out on October 23. The seven episode limited series was named after a classic chess opening, and was based on a novel by the same name. It has gained popularity in the US, the UK, and Russia. It is currently the most watched limited series on Netflix, and has been watched by hundreds of millions globally.

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